Reproduction Services

“Revitalize Your Brand: Discover Our Vibrant, Personalized Packaging Solutions”

With our expert team and the latest software, we provide solutions to all your technical needs. Through our web-based center, we respond to all your inquiries quickly and effectively. 


Rotogravure Printing

“Print Engineering for Every Roll” 

The best option for perfect prints! Our 11-color Rotogravure Printing Machines used in our production offer a whole new vision to the printing art. Equipped with the latest technology cameras, the inspection system detects errors, allowing you to label your products uniquely and outshine your competitors. 



Strengthening Durability, Elevating Aesthetics 

Harnessing our expertise in lamination, we enhance the allure and durability of your products, offering tailor-made solutions for all your lamination needs. 



Quality Printed Roll Films and Ready Pouches Await 

At our facility, we employ state-of-the-art machinery and laser technology for slitting printed film rolls. We equip your products with innovative solutions like easy-open features or custom laser micro-perforation, ensuring safe and hygienic packaging for your customers. Additionally, we prioritize the health and working conditions of our employees by utilizing cutting-edge handling devices. 


In-house Cylinder Production

Precision Production, Seamless Solutions 

Our leadership in rotogravure printing cylinders reflects not only our commitment to superior quality but also our capacity to provide flexible and speedy services to our customers. Renowned for our ability to swiftly respond to customer demands, our facility ensures timely project delivery. 



Optimized Warehousing, Elevated Efficiency 

Our cylinder storage area spans 3000 square meters,
equipped with fire prevention measures and
sprinkler system for enhanced safety.

" Flexible Packaging,
Endless Possibilities "